November 7, 2020


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Systems Thinking and Creativity


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Date: 7 November 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 9:30pm – 5:30pm
Venue: Nil (Online Training)
PDU: 7
Instructor: Dr. Kelvin Wan
Language: Cantonese
Fee: PMI HK Member: HKD 1,800
Non-PMI HK Member: HKD 2,100
Remarks: As a prevention measure against the spread of COVID-19, The training will be delivered online with Zoom (Guideline). Please contact PMI HK admin at or 2784 1880



This course is originated from the idea of former Apple Inc CEO Steve Jobs about “Connecting the Dots”. Dots are personality, life experience, learning attitude, learnt knowledge & skills (PEAKS). All individuals have these elements in mind consciously and unconsciously already. The objective of this course is to unleash the power of your “dots” through Systems Thinking and Creativity Thinking skills. It is proven, from researches, that all human being does have the creativity capability (CQ). It depends on whether you / team equipped with appropriate software (thinking skills) to exploit the real value of it.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:


  • Find out why current education systems fail to create leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Determine the difference of “Employee and Entrepreneurs” ways of thinking
  • Confirm the important elements of attracting new generation talents
  • Define Systems Thinking and Creativity
  • Define Divergent Thinking and Convergent Thinking
  • Write down the value of “Creative, Systems Thinking + CQ” to Business Results


  • Estimate the impact of Lagging Effect, Fluctuation Cycle Effect and Feedback
  • Elements of Successful Change Management – the Fifth Discipline
  • Practice Systems Thinking
  • Practice Creativity by leveraging existing knowledge in minds
  • Create office environment for nurturing Systems Thinking and Creativity for Younger Generation Leaders

Detailed Course Outline


  • Mismatch of Current Education System and Business Environment
    • Current Education Characteristics
    • “Entrepreneur VS Employee” Difference in Thinking, Values and Objectives
    • What Former Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs Suggests to us to equip with for future leaders
  • Systems Thinking and Creativity
    • Definition of Systems Thinking and Creativity
    • Linkage of “Systems Thinking” and “Traditional Thinking”
    • A Glance of AI, Robots and RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Era in Business
  • New Ways of Thinking – Upgrade Your Software
    • “Divergent Thinking” vs “Convergent Thinking”
    • The impact of (business) Feedback
    • The impact of Lagging Effect and Fluctuation Cycle Stages

Optional Topic (Content-cover depends on time and delivery progress)

  • Essential Elements of “Change”
      • A New Thinking – A way of changing culture
      • Elements of Changing the way staff members contribute, attitude and behavior
      • The Fifth Discipline – Elements of Organizational Change
  • Practice & Reflection Session
    • Steps of Changing the Ways of Staff Members’ Thinking in Your Business
    • Create opportunities for self by removing limitation-thoughts
    • Feedback and Improvement areas from trainer and participants


This course is intended for mature leaders who would like to be the genuine future leader under AI and Robotics business environment by equipping the most important leadership capability – Creative, Systems Thinking and Creativity Quotient (CQ)

This course is intended for people managers/ project managers/ program managers/ team leaders/ experienced individual contributors (team members) who want to hone their thinking skills, mindset, mentality, personality, behavioral performance, attitude and knowledge to maximize the intended benefits (such as satisfied customers, happy upper management, higher teamwork, higher quality life, faster delivery, strong boding with people) by unleashing the real potential of existing experience and knowledge in conscious and unconscious minds through Systems Thinking and Creativity Skills.


Before attending this course, project leaders are preferable to have:

  • Some knowledge of project/program/portfolio management
  • Experience of leading teams
  • Basic terms of psychology e.g. cognitive thinking, beliefs
  • Some people management skills and organization behavior best practices
  • Ability to openly share, articulate and present knowledge, experience and information in a systematic and clear way
  • Willingness to join the class activities and learn from each other

Instructor’s Profile

Dr. Kelvin WAN, Global Master Trainer and Corporate Coach of a Listed MNC
Mentor, MPhil Graduate, HKU
Mentor, MBA Student, CityU HK
Advisor, SCOPE, CityU HK
Master Trainer and Founding ExCo, iLEAP, Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS)
Ex-VP Certification of PMI HK, PMI
Trainer of the Year (Champion), HKMA
Distinguished Trainer, HKMA

Dr. WAN is a “3H” High-touch, High-energy & Highly engaged Live Trainer and Corporate Coach. He has been providing “live” training and coaching to 7000+ executives in last 20 years coming from US, UK, Middle East, Asia Pacific regions and GBA on psychological resilience, stress management, coaching, happiness, soft skills, methodologies and company strategies. The average project experience of participating leaders is 15 years. He is also a practitioner-scholar. His recent research paper about Soft Competence for executives has been accepted by a renowned US forum and published on major search engines.

Kelvin is an experienced project professional. He has been the global PMO Lead in HSBC to rollout a multi-million USD e-learning platform to 330,000 staff members in 78 countries. In his current role, his main responsibilities are overseeing the project professionals upskilling, individual life/career coaching, positivity (positive thinking), staff’s level of happiness, stress management, talent (HiPo) management, capability assessment and curriculum development for the listed company.