1. How do I obtain the PMP credential?

To obtain the PMP credential, one must meet the eligibility requirements (see question 2) and complete the online application process (see question 3). After that you can schedule your examination. You should sit and pass the multiple-choice examination within 1 year after the application approval on to obtain your PMP credential.

Click here to learn more about the PMP certification.

Click here to obtain the PMP Certification Handbook which contains all the information you need to apply for the PMP certification.

Click here to obtain the PMI Examination Content Outline which outlines the domain areas for the PMP examination.

2. What are the prerequisites of taking the PMP?


  • Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
  • 7,500 hours leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of project management education


  • Four-year degree
  • 4,500 hours leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of project management education

Note that the project management experience and project management education requirements must be fulfilled at the time an applicant submits the application, not at the time an applicant takes / schedules the examination.

3. What is the online application process like and how do I get started?

Before actually taking the examination, an applicant has to complete an online application in which one needs to fill in his background information, prior project management experience and also the information about the project management education he has received. Applicants are responsible for providing accurate information and the submission may undergo an audit.

To start the application process, go to the PMI website and register as a user. Registration is free of charge. You are recommended to join membership (including the membership for the Hong Kong Chapter) before applying for the exam since the exam fee is discounted for members and there are a lot of member benefits.

4. What is the application audit all about?

All applications are subject to an audit, although only a small percentage of applications are selected for audit and the selection is random. If your application is selected for the purpose you will be notified by email prior to payment of the certification fee. The electronic audit notification provides detailed information on how to comply with the terms of the audit.

During an audit, you will be asked to submit supporting documentation such as:

  • Copies of your diploma/global equivalent
  • Signatures from your supervisor(s) or manager(s) from the project(s) and/or program(s) documented in the experience verification section of the application
  • Copies of certificates and/or letters from the training institute(s) for each course recorded on the application to meet the required contact hours of project management education

You have 90 days to send your audit materials. PMI processes audit materials in 5-7 business days. The eligibility period begins upon successful completion of the audit.

5. When should I take the examination after application?

There is an eligibility period of one year after the date of the application approval. You can take the exam up to 3 times during this one year. Failing to do so would require a new application and paid certification fee will be forfeited.

6. How do I schedule my examination?

After the approval of your online application, you can schedule your examination with Pearson VUE (after 1 July 2019).

Note that neither the PMI nor PMI-HK Chapter manages the actual examination.

7. How much does the examination cost?

The certification fee is:

  • US$ 405 for PMI members
  • US$ 555 for non-PMI members

You will have to pay before scheduling your examination. If you apply for membership right before you apply for the certification, make sure you receive confirmation of your membership before you pay for the certification.

8. Must I be a PMI member to obtain the PMP credential?

No. You don’t have to be a PMI member. But as a member, you can enjoy the discounted certification fee, among other member benefits.

9. How can I fulfill the requirement of official Project Management Education?

To fulfill the requirement the applicant must receive at least 35 hours of specific instruction that addressed learning objectives in project management. The course(s) must be completed by the time an applicant submits the application. The applicant should be able to demonstrate successful completion of courses, workshops and training sessions offered by one or more of the following types of education providers:

  • PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s)
  • PMI Chapters
  • Employer/company-sponsored programs
  • Training companies or consultants
  • Distance-learning companies, including an end-of-course assessment
  • University/college academic and continuing education programs

The following education does not satisfy the education requirements:

  • PMI chapter meetings
  • Self-directed learning (e.g., reading books, watching instructional videos or sessions with coaches or mentors)

10. I had my PM training quite some time ago. Would that be counted?

There is no expiry on training experience. It can also be based on an older version of PMBOK. As long as the training has covered the various knowledge areas, the training experience is still valid.