1. What is the examination format?

The PMP examination is comprised of 180 questions. Of the 180 questions, 5 are considered pretest questions. Pretest questions do not affect the score and are used in examinations as an effective and legitimate way to test the validity of future examination questions. All questions are randomly placed throughout the examination.

The allotted time to complete the center-based examination is 230 minutes.

The exam is divided into three sections. You will have two 10 minute breaks. The first will appear after you complete questions 1 – 60 and review all of your answers. The second break will appear after you have completed question 120 and confirmed that you have reviewed all of your answers.

Please note, once you review your responses and start your break you will not be able to return to the questions from the previous section of the exam. When you are signed back in after each break, you will have the remaining allotted time to complete the second part. In total, you will have 230 minutes to respond to 180 questions.

The examination is preceded by a tutorial and followed by a survey, both of which are optional and take 5-15 minutes to complete. The time used to complete the tutorial and survey is not included in the examination time of 230 minutes.

2. What is the PMP Examination Blueprint?

The PMP examination is developed based on the PMP examination blueprint contained in the PMP Examination Content Outline. The examination blueprint details the percentage of questions contained in each domain.

3. When will the examination be held?

The examination is being held throughout the year. There is no regular annual / quarterly intake schedule.

4. When will I be informed about the exam result?

The examination result is available right after the examination.

5. What if I fail? How can I take the exam again?

You are granted a 1-year eligibility period to pass the examination after the approval of your online application. During the eligibility period, you may take the examination up to three times. The reexamination fee is:

  • US$ 275 for PMI members
  • US$ 375 for non-PMI members

If you cannot pass within the year, you must wait one year from the date of the last examination you took to reapply for the certification.