1. Will my PMP credential expire?

Yes it will.

Once you have attained the PMP® credential, you must participate in the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program to maintain an active certification status. The PMP certification cycle is three years, starting from the date you pass the examination. During that period you must earn no less than 60 professional development units (PDUs) in order to renew your certification after the 3-year period.

The details about the CCR program can be found in the CCR Handbook.

2. What are the requirements for the PDUs?

The PDUs can be earned through various professional development activities that center on one of two areas:

  • Education
  • Giving back to the profession

While technical skills are core to project and program management, PMI research tells us they are not enough in today’s increasingly complex and competitive global marketplace. Companies are seeking added skills in leadership and business intelligence — competencies that can support longer-range strategic objectives that contribute to the bottom line. That’s why the PMI Talent Triangle was introduced:

As a certification holder you must earn a minimum number of PDUs in each of the skill areas of the Talent Triangle – technical, leadership, and strategic and business management. Below tabulates the minimum and maximum PDUs required for each category for PMP certification holders.

PMP Certification Holders
Total PDUs required for each cycle 60

Technical project management
Strategic & business management

Minimum 35

Minimum 8
Minimum 8
Minimum 8

Giving Back

Working as a professional
Creating knowledge

Maximum 25

Maximum 8
Maximum 25
Maximum 25

3. How can I earn PDUs?

There are many ways to earn PDUs.

For Education, they can be:

  • Course or training: instructor-led formal education courses or classes held in-person or online
  • Organization meetings; typically limited to 1-2 PDUs
  • Online or digital media: self-paced learning conducted online or through varied forms of digital media
  • Read: self-directed reading that is relevant to the certification
  • Informal learning: Educational opportunities focused on structured discussions

For Giving Back, they can be:

  • Work as a practitioner
  • Create content
  • Give a presentation
  • Share knowledge
  • Volunteer

4. How do I report my PDUs obtained?

You can report PDUs earned with the online Continuing Certification Renewal System (CCRS). Using the CCRS, you can view a dashboard of the PDUs reported, by category and a history of the claims. To let you plan better, it also tells you the number of days left until renewal.

5. How can I keep track of my CCR status?

You can use the online CCR System (CCRS) to do so.

6. What will happen if I don’t have enough PDUs?

If you do not satisfy the CCR program requirements within your current cycle dates, you will be placed in suspended status. The suspension period lasts one year. If you are in suspended status, you may not refer to yourself as a certification holder or use the certification designation until you earn the necessary PDUs or complete the renewal process within the one-year suspension period.