June 5, 2021


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Managing yourself beyond Projects + Problem Solving and Decision-Making Skills


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Date: 5 June 2021
Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Venue: Nil (Online Training)
PDU: 7
Instructor: Mr. Alex Sin
Fee: PMI HK Member: HKD 1,800
Non-PMI HK Member: HKD 2,100
Remarks: As a prevention measure against the spread of COVID-19, The training will be delivered online with Zoom (Guideline). Please contact PMI HK admin at admin@pmi.org.hk or 2784 1880


Managing yourself beyond Projects (half-day)

It’s no doubt to work under tremendous pressure in projects. It’s even worse when you dislike the project. When the project is fully under your control but people expect you to do more, do better and do it faster. In both cases, you easily lose your interest and especially the direction. Finally, the only reason you run the project is that you cannot escape. If you cannot convince yourself “why project”, how can you convince others?

In a project, it’s very common to manage team members who are not reporting to you. When you fail to manage yourself, how can you manage others? How good your team performs actually depends on how you good you are.

On this topic, we’ll investigate the self-management skills to make us more effective and confident. In the past, we only care about how to run the project during project life cycle. What do we do before and after that? Self-management is ongoing. We need to learn the process of maximizing our time and talents to achieve goals based on a value system, not simply time management. That is, the skill that can comfort ourselves and prevent job burnout.

Self management is built on “The UP UP” model over five elements:

  1. The Amount of Control (Where?)
  2. Understanding Values (what?)
  3. Planning the values (why?)
  4. Understanding your plan (How?)
  5. Productivity killer (Who? When?)

Problem Solving and Decision-Making Skills (half-day)

This is a half-day course on problem solving and decision making which are key competencies of the project management environment. It aims to provide an in-depth knowledge of the approaches for solving the daily work and technical problems, and making the right decision in solving problem. Techniques on problem identifying, questioning, idea generation and decision matrix will be taught. The skill of analyzing problem will be discussed with real life case study. The second part of the course focuses on evaluating and choosing the right solutions – making the right decision, in group and individual situation.

Major topics:

  • Problem solving basics
  • Process approach
  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Tools
  • What is decision making?
  • Determine and prioritize solutions


Those interested in learning the essential skill of problem solving and those who would like to enhance your skills in solving problem creatively. The course is particularly designed for those engineers, IT professionals, supervisors and project managers who have to deal with problem resolution & decision making on a daily basis.

Participants will understand different approaches in solving problem and decision making.

Instructor’s Profile – Mr. Alex Sin, Vice President, PMI HK

Alex Sin is an independent consultant with more than 26 years of IT experience with expertise in Consulting, Project Management and Training. He is a certified instructor in a few areas including IT, Consulting and Management Development. Alex is well equipped with Methodology to deliver IT Consulting. He is also a practitioner of PDI, MBTI and DISC well-known consulting tools.

Alex enriched his Project Management experience from large scaled projects like Libraries, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and Companies Registry. He recently completed a virtualization project for a local telecommunication company.

Alex is currently a VP Volunteer at Project Management Institute Hong Kong Chapter. Alex graduated from The University of Toronto with major in Computer Sciences and Mathematics.