August 17, 2024


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Financial fundamentals and its application to Project Management

Online Registration & Payment

Date:17 August 2024
Time:09:00AM – 17:00PM
Venue:Online Training – Zoom
Instructor:Mr. Keen Lam
Fee:PMI HK Member: HKD 1,800
Non-PMI HK Member: HKD 2,100
Remarks:The training will be delivered online with Zoom (Guideline). Please contact PMI HK admin at or 2784 1880


Finance and accounting extend into virtually every aspect of the commercial world.  Financial statements of listed companies on stock exchanges are publicly available and used by interested parties such as investors for buy/sell decisions and bankers and lenders to analyse credit worthiness of these companies.  In the area of project management, project decisions are made on financial evaluation of the financial cost, financial returns and funding cost.  Understanding financial fundamentals and applying this knowledge to projects and programs is a critical competency that today’s project & business leaders should possess. This training will focus on building an understanding of financial fundamentals and linking its relevance and practical application to the delivery of projects. This will be facilitated through the introduction of fundamental accounting principles supported by exercises, financial evaluation of projects, and the sharing of best practices and case studies in areas such as the construction of business case, the identification & measurement of business benefits and the monitoring and control of project budget and actual costs

Course Objectives
This one day course is targeted at non-financial business professionals and project managers to de-mystify the financial terms such as “double-entry” system, and to equip them with the fundamental financial skills to understand and interpret financial statements, to apply to financial evaluation of projects and to be able to build templates to monitor project costs against budget. These skills will help them communicate better with financial and business managers in the course of their work, in scoping and delivering successful projects.

The Course will explore the following:
• The role of the accounting function
• Fundamental accounting principles, including the “double-entry” system, accrual accounting, costing methods, capital vs expense, etc
• The financial statements which include the income statement, the statement of cash flows and the balance sheet
• Financial analysis ratios and key performance indicators, to assess the viability and profitability of businesses from the financial statements
• Capital investment appraisal techniques to evaluate capital project proposals
• Case study of a business ERP project proposal, including measuring business benefits and projects costs
• Tools to identify, monitor actual project costs against budget
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
• Apply accounting principles to understand financial statements
• Perform basic analysis of financial statements
• Prepare simple capital investment schedule for capital project appraisal
• Apply tools to manage and monitor actual project costs against budget

• Project Managers
• PMPs aiming at gaining PDU
• People who would like to uplift their skills in Financial fundamentals

• Online Lecture
• Online Interactive Classroom Instruction
• Online Exercises

Instructor’s Profile

Mr. Keen Lam
B.Com (University of Otago), PMP

Keen has extensive prior experience as a financial auditor and a financial controller in Food Industries in New Zealand. Since branching out into Project Management and , Keen has gained more than 20 years of experience in a variety of senior roles which includes project leadership in ERP system implementations, setting up of Project Management across the Asia Pacific region and senior project manager in contract roles with the banking, insurance and aviation industries.

Keen is a certified PMP with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Otago, New Zealand, and was a Chartered Accountant until his retirement from the accounting profession in 2021. Keen is currently VP Finance sitting on the Executive Committee of PMI Hong Kong.