July 8, 2023


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Big Data Project Overview

Online Registration & Payment

Date:8 July 2023
Time:9:30am – 5:30pm
Venue:Nil (Online Training)
Instructor:Mr. Alex Sin
Fee:PMI HK Member: HKD 1,800
Non-PMI HK Member: HKD 2,100
Remarks:As a prevention measure against the spread of COVID-19, The training will be delivered online with Zoom (Guideline). Please contact PMI HK admin at admin@pmi.org.hk or 2784 1880

Following the big data released by the local Government and promotion of big IT giants, ‘Big Data’ has become a buzzword around us every day. Even though we don’t participate this kind of projects, we may be influenced or enjoying the results to which we don’t know. Major business stakeholders have already transformed their business models or decision making processes with respect to the Big Data analytics. Big Data projects become more powerful upon integration with other technologies like cloud computing, IoT and Business Intelligence, etc.

Big Data is actually a collection of framework, which creates opportunities for us to deliver better tools, services and products. It’s unnecessary to take the comprehensive solutions proposed by the large IT firms; there are many entrance points for SME and entrepreneurs to start business with reasonable investment and non-IT background. Managing Big Data project is quite different from traditional one. The organization should be more forward looking and flexibly manage the stakeholders and issues arise.

This class helps project stakeholders to:

  • Define big data project
  • Explore big data problems and issues
  • Explore application area of big data
  • Maximize project outcomes from related tools or technologies
  • Minimize investment from effective use of resources
  • Identify integration solution with other technologies
  • Manage this kind of project differently, e.g. lifecycle, project team, etc.

Target Audiences

  • People who want to have basic information and solution of the Big Data project
  • People who want to create new ideas or opportunities in related area
  • People who prepare to participate such kind of project, and speak the same language

Instructor’s Profile – Mr. Alex Sin, Vice President, PMI HK

Alex Sin is an independent consultant with more than 26 years of IT experience with expertise in Consulting, Project Management and Training. He is a certified instructor in a few areas including IT, Consulting and Management Development. Alex is well equipped with Methodology to deliver IT Consulting. He is also a practitioner of PDI, MBTI and DISC well-known consulting tools.

Alex enriched his Project Management experience from large scaled projects like Libraries, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and Companies Registry. He recently completed a virtualization project for a local telecommunication company.

Alex is currently a VP Volunteer at Project Management Institute Hong Kong Chapter. Alex graduated from The University of Toronto with major in Computer Sciences and Mathematics.