July 6, 2019


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Implications of IoT on Project management


What is IOT?

How does IOT intersect with Project Management?

How companies are developing their IOT platforms

Building a connected workplace

Effect of IOT on project management

  • Managing stakeholders and communications
  • Automation
  • Managing integrations
  • Legal, ethical issues and compliance
  • Customer expectations
  • Information processing and deep data analytics
  • Process control
  • Auditing
  • Dealing with legacies

IOT and Smart Cities
Open and closed data sources
Cloud technologies

The above will be accompanied by workshops and exercises throughout the day

AM session

  • The IOT revolution and what it means to Hong Kong
  • The basics and building blocks of IOT
  • Building Smart Cities
  • Digital transformation
  • IOT case studies
  • Exercises

PM Session

  • Deep Data Analytics and Management
  • Strategy, Planning, Executing and Controlling IOT Projects
    • Time management
    • Cost management
    • Resources management
    • Risks management
    • Communications management
  • Ethical and legal implications
  • Shareholder Expectations

Workshop in building a smart city prototype

Instructor’s Profile – Mr. Fletcher Ng

Fletcher Ng is an independent consultant with more than 24 years of IT experience as Group CIO and Global IT Director in leading international corporate institutions. Over his career, Fletcher had managed teams and projects in over 30 cities and across 4 continents for global listed MNCs. He was the International project manager for Remy Cointreau for a number of years.

As a CIO, Fletcher initiated and implemented many business transformation projects experimenting with innovative project management ideas and methodologies which bore real and immediate success across a broad range of industries.

Fletcher is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of MOVEIT Consultancy which designs Cloud transformation strategies for corporates and SMEs. He is also a mentor and IT coach to start ups and Entrepreneurs.

Fletcher graduated from Coventry University in the UK and is a board member of Invotech – A non profit organization dedicated to promoting innovation across HK.