June 22, 2019


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Excel Your AQ in pressurised environment


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Dealing with adversity is a natural part of our lives. In the roles that we play – at the workplace, projects, at home, in society, we are often faced with adversity (challenges, conflict, constraints, and road blocks). The success to overcoming obstacles and barriers is generally determined by the approach, attitude and intelligence of overcoming difficulty (Adversity Quotient – AQ). Adversity Quotient is individually different, and in general it is possible to improve the daily life application with the aim to further enhance performance. Being prepared for adversity involves having an awareness of the nature of the challenges and to anticipate the possible risks that one may face. If managed constructively, adversity can bring about the much-needed change, and be a source of personal growth. In fact, pressure and adversity situations are different for everyone: what causes one person to feel under pressure won’t be true for someone else. In other words, one person’s stress is another’s excitement. Equally, it is not pressure itself which is the problem, but the way in which people react to that pressure. Successful project managers actually turn the obstacles they face into “Opportunities”!

Course Objectives
The current business environment has become increasingly challenging, raising the stakes for every move we make as an employee. This cutting edge workshop will facilitate the participants to manage pressure better and take challenging decisions. More importantly, participants will be exposed to the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Adversity Quotient (AQ) to stay resilient and turn obstacles into opportunities. Each participant will benefit from the interaction with and feedback from the other participants in the workshop.
Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able to improve on:
  • Staying resilient under pressure by managing “Self” and “Others” through Emotional Intelligence
  • Turning obstacles into opportunities with AQ
  • Making decisions under pressure
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Project Managers, Team Leaders and Project team members
  • PMPs aiming at gaining PDU
  • Interactive Classroom Instruction
  • Small Group Exercises, role play, group discussions

Instructor’s Profile – Dr. h.c. Paul Mau, Ex-Vice President, PMIHK
FPMIHK, PMP, CPIT(PD), ACA(Prof.), FAAAP, AAMFT(Pre-Clinical Fellow), APCPA(Registered Clinical Supervisor)

Paul is a seasoned corporate trainer, consultant, and a Family Therapist. Paul has got more than 20 years of PM experiences and taken key positions in HP SAR Limited. He has served PMIHK for about 15 years and delivered PMP Training since 2001. Paul has also provided psychotherapy services more than 12 years. Recently, he is an adjunct faculty and a clinical supervisor of the “Master of Art in Professional Counselling” degree under Olivet Nazarene University and HKICC as well as a HKU part-time lecturer. He has also conducted workshops and seminars including the psychological aspects of the management; interpersonal skills; workplace stress management; PM’s EQ Series; Psychological Management in Organization Change for OCGIO, and so on. Participants of these workshops/seminars came from ICT, consulting, banking & securities, construction, manufacturers, clinicians, university staffs & lecturers, NGOs, PMIHK, HKIB, and so on.