May 18, 2019


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Conflict Management for Project Managers


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Conflict is inevitable in any project environments. Today’s project teams bring together a variety of personality and skills from difference professionals, each perceiving tasks and actions is in different ways. This diversity is what gives the team depth and broad range of skills required to successfully achieve the project objectives and serving the services targets. Yet, this diversity will inevitably bring conflicts ranging from simple disagreements on task details to fundamental personality clashes. Conflict management has long been a challenge that has led to programs/projects failures. A key success factor is effectively managing conflicts with project stakeholders and effectively managing all impacted parties’ needs and wants. Managing broader groups within organization, services targets and the general public who are affected by the conflicts is significant important

Course Objectives

The workshop will realize the benefits:

  • Understand what cause conflicts and the nature of conflicts,
  • Learn how to identify conflicts, responses to conflicts,
  • Apply the Thomas-Kilmann Model of Conflict Management in managing conflicts.
  • Recognize how to minimize conflicts through helpful behavior, effective communication, a professional attitude, and trust building.

The Topics will cover the following:

  • Recognize project stakeholders in project environments, sources of conflicts, nature of conflicts, and their escalation over time so they can address them more effectively (Anatomy of Conflicts)
  • Manage your emotions and influence others emotionally when in conflict with the understanding of your working style (Managing Emotions)
  • Recognize appropriate conflict resolution style based on your needs to get maximum results (Handling Conflicts)
  • Negotiate over what you want and move on to a win-win outcome (Negotiation)


  • Project managers, Project leaders, and team members in project 
  • PMPs aiming at gaining PDU


  • Interactive classroom Instruction
  • Group discussions, Role play, and video clip watching

Instructor’s Profile – Dr. h.c. Paul Mau, Ex-Vice President, PMIHK
FPMIHK, PMP, CPIT(PD), ACA(Prof.), FAAAP, AAMFT(Pre-Clinical Fellow), APCPA(Registered Clinical Supervisor)

Paul is a seasoned corporate trainer, consultant, and a Family Therapist. Paul has got more than 20 years of PM experiences and taken key positions in HP SAR Limited. He has served PMIHK for about 15 years and delivered PMP Training since 2001. Paul has also provided psychotherapy services more than 12 years. Recently, he is an adjunct faculty and a clinical supervisor of the “Master of Art in Professional Counselling” degree under Olivet Nazarene University and HKICC as well as a HKU part-time lecturer. He has also conducted workshops and seminars including the psychological aspects of the management; interpersonal skills; workplace stress management; PM’s EQ Series; Psychological Management in Organization Change for OCGIO, and so on. Participants of these workshops/seminars came from ICT, consulting, banking & securities, construction, manufacturers, clinicians, university staffs & lecturers, NGOs, PMIHK, HKIB, and so on.