April 27, 2019


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Communication in Agile Project Management

Communication, as with design, doesn’t just happen by chance. Agile places emphasis on verbal communication and interaction rather than documentation. Therefore it’s essential that everyone on the team understands the communication objectives and protocols. It’s important to be clear about how each function and individual is expected to interact, and deliver and communicate outputs to the team and the wider business. Agile takes a no-surprises approach. The general principle is when something needs to be said, say it. It’s better to say it when you see it, rather than potentially compounding an issue by ignoring it and hoping it will go away. The earlier a possible issue is dealt with, the better the chances of recovering from the situation with minimal impact. As a result, there are a number of communication protocols that agile project teams use to provide ample opportunity for insight into the team and individual progress. The workshop addresses the issues surrounding communications and shares about the best practices of effective approach to run successful Agile projects.


Course Objectives

The workshop will realize the benefits:

  • Knowing about traditional and agile approaches to project teams and communication
  • Understand how a high value on individuals and interactions makes agile project teams great teams to work on
  • Learn how face-to-face communication helps make agile projects successful
  • Learn to about the best practices to communicate in agile projects for project success

The Topics will cover the following:

  • Basics of Agile Project Management
  • The psychology of Agile team dynamics and team leadership
  • Understanding how communication differs on agile projects
    • Different Protocols in Agile projects such as Feedback, Stand-up, Showcases, and Retrospectives
  • Effectiveness of communication strategies in Agile development team
  • Agile communication channel and reporting in Agile projects
    • Best Practices for Agile Documentation


  • Project managers
  • PMPs aiming at gaining PDU
  • People who would like to understanding communications in Agile projects


  • Interactive classroom Instruction
  • Group discussions
  • Role play

Instructor’s Profile – Dr. h.c. Paul Mau, Ex-Vice President, PMIHK
FPMIHK, PMP, CPIT(PD), ACA(Prof.), FAAAP, AAMFT(Pre-Clinical Fellow), APCPA(Registered Clinical Supervisor)

Paul is a seasoned corporate trainer, consultant, and a Family Therapist. Paul has got more than 20 years of PM experiences and taken key positions in HP SAR Limited. He has served PMIHK for about 15 years and delivered PMP Training since 2001. Paul has also provided psychotherapy services more than 12 years. Recently, he is an adjunct faculty and a clinical supervisor of the “Master of Art in Professional Counselling” degree under Olivet Nazarene University and HKICC as well as a HKU part-time lecturer. He has also conducted workshops and seminars including the psychological aspects of the management; interpersonal skills; workplace stress management; PM’s EQ Series; Psychological Management in Organization Change for OCGIO, and so on. Participants of these workshops/seminars came from ICT, consulting, banking & securities, construction, manufacturers, clinicians, university staffs & lecturers, NGOs, PMIHK, HKIB, and so on.