PMI HK Chapter Supporting Event | The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) Annual Banking Conference 2024

The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) Annual Banking Conference 2024

Date:                   27 September 2024 (Fri)

Time:                   9:00am – 5:00pm

Venue:                N101, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre


Fee:       Members of Supporting Organisations can register at a special rate to attend the event.

  • HKD4,800 Full Day (Original: HKD6,100; Early Bird*: HKD4,200)
  • HKD3,300 Afternoon Session (Original: HKD4,200; Early Bird*: HKD3,000)
  • HKD1,700 Virtual Pass (Original: HKD2,000; Early Bird*: HKD1,400)

*Early bird discount rate is applicable for registration received by 31 July 2024 (Wed)


Enquiries:           (852) 2153 7800 /

HKIB CPD / SFC CPT / PWMA OPT: Full Day session: 5.5 hours and Afternoon session: 2.5 hours

Welcome to this year’s HKIB Annual Banking Conference, themed “The Next Wave: Unlocking Potential, Fostering Success”. As we navigate through an era marked by rapid transformations and emerging challenges, our conference is dedicated to exploring the multifaceted waves of change sweeping through the banking sector. This year, we delve deep into the next wave of transformations that promise to redefine market dynamics, the next wave of innovations that will reshape our approach to technology and customer engagement, and the next wave of growth that will open new avenues for expansion and profitability.

In a landscape shaped by an uncertain interest rate outlook and geopolitical complexities, the banking industry stands at a crucial crossroads. This conference serves as a platform for banking professionals to harness these insights and trends, leveraging them to drive a forward-looking vision. It’s a call to action to not only adapt and respond to the present but also to strategically position ourselves for the waves of opportunities that lie ahead. Join us as we unlock potential and foster success, setting new benchmarks in the banking world. Our agenda is crafted to offer a comprehensive exploration of current trends and future directions.

The Breakout Streams: The afternoon sessions will explore trends in green banking, essential future banking skills, next-generation digital banking technologies, and advanced solutions in banking compliance and Regtech.

The Exhibition Zone: Delegates will have the opportunity to discover the latest tools and gain valuable insights into how emerging technologies are poised to redefine the banking landscape.

This conference represents a unique opportunity for professionals from across the banking sector to converge, exchange knowledge, and cultivate partnerships.

Join us as industry leaders and innovators converge to share their insights on navigating the new economic currents, unlocking potential, and championing success within a sustainable future framework.

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