Advanced PM Training
Professional development is an ongoing activity and it should be a continuous part of your project management career. Make it a priority to assess and improve your skill set, and you’ll increase your value to your organization and enhance your future career prospects.
PMI HK Asia Pacific Project Management Congress 2014
Project Management Institute Hong Kong Chapter is proud to host this year’s Asia Pacific Congress on 8th November.
Organisations today constantly operate within a complex, challenging and changing environment. This is characterised by a landscape of political & social instability, business & economic uncertainty and relentless customer & market demands. Thus, more than ever before, there is an urgent need for organisations to become more adept at managing business complexity and more effective in taking their strategies and driving excellence throughout its entire delivery.
Harmonic Approach to Project Success – Traditional and Agile Project Management Methodologies
PMI Hong Kong Chapter is proud to introduce Ms. Rose Chu as our guest speaker to share with us the captioned topic. Ms. Chu is the co-founder of several project management training organisations as well as being a project management trainer.
Joint Club Event 2014 : A PM Story – Life after IT Career"
A PM Story – Life after IT Career
You are an IT professional and PM practitioner for years. Where is the end of the PM life? When you quit IT, is it the end or just a beginning. Our speaker will share with you his turning point in his career. This is a PM story.
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