Strategies and Micro-Negotiation Skills for PM
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Date: 2019-06-08
Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm
Venue: TBC
PDU: 7
Speaker: Mr. Paul Mau
PMI-HK Member: HKD 1,800
Non-PMI-HK Member: HKD 2,100
Status: Available

An important role of project managers is to be a negotiator. The art of negotiation can be a tricky skill to master. It takes efforts, planning and strategies, practice, intelligence in achieve the win-win situations. Negotiating effectively requires the ability to change the game – moving away from conflict and toward collaboration. In this intensive, interactive program, you acquire a proven framework for maximizing the value of your negotiation, whether you are behind the bargaining table with a client or across the table with an opposing party. Moreover, when negotiating in projects do you miss micro expressions? Micro-skills and expressions are actions that last between seconds and they're actions unfiltered by the thought process of the mind. Knowing how to detect and perceive them, allows greater insight into someone's mind. When observing micro expressions during a negotiation, such as expressions are forthright. That's due to the fact that they are actions not filtered by the mind, before an action is committed. By being able to detect micro expressions, you'll be able to sense when someone is generating a genuine reservoir of goodwill towards you. An additional benefit of being able to detect micro expressions is the value they add to your personal life.

Course Objectives

The workshop will realize the benefits:
  • Acquire a systematic framework for understanding negotiation
  • Heighten your awareness of your strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator
  • Gain problem-solving techniques for distributing value and strengthening relationships
  • Learn how to manage across the table and behind the table negotiations with role plays that cover a range of complex scenarios ranging from intellectual property right, pricing, and other T&Cs in contract negotiations
The topics will cover the following:
  • The DNA of an effective negotiation
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Resolution Model
  • The framework of the negotiation including project stakeholders analysis
  • Pie-Slicing strategies
  • Strategies planning and formulations
  • Advanced Negotiation Skills
    • Developing a negotiating style
    • Assessing your motivational style
    • EQ and negotiated outcomes
    • Micro-skills and expressions in negotiation
  • Project managers
  • PMPs aiming at gaining PDU
  • People who would like to advance their project negotiation skills
  • Interactive classroom instruction
  • Group discussions and role plays
  • Video clip sharing

Instructor's Profile - Dr. h.c. Paul Mau, Ex-Vice President, PMIHK
FPMIHK, PMP, CPIT(PD), ACA(Prof.), FAAAP, AAMFT(Pre-Clinical Fellow), APCPA(Registered Clinical Supervisor)

Paul is a seasoned corporate trainer, consultant, and a Family Therapist. Paul has got more than 20 years of PM experiences and taken key positions in HP SAR Limited. He has served PMIHK for about 15 years and delivered PMP Training since 2001. Paul has also provided psychotherapy services more than 12 years. Recently, he is an adjunct faculty and a clinical supervisor of the “Master of Art in Professional Counselling” degree under Olivet Nazarene University and HKICC as well as a HKU part-time lecturer. He has also conducted workshops and seminars including the psychological aspects of the management; interpersonal skills; workplace stress management; PM’s EQ Series; Psychological Management in Organization Change for OCGIO, and so on. Participants of these workshops/seminars came from ICT, consulting, banking & securities, construction, manufacturers, clinicians, university staffs & lecturers, NGOs, PMIHK, HKIB, and so on.